Your Package is Your Life's Purpose

The world gives us all a package, like a big game of Secret Santa. You get a gift but you don’t get to choose it. And this becomes our responsibility. It’s ours to own and TO manage. 

You are never a victim of your package. It is your own personal puzzle. In some ways you will be put at an advantage. In some ways you will be put at a disadvantage. In Buddhism they say that you choose your family based on what you need to learn, and learning from this you learn to wield the gifts you have to give back to the world when the time is right. 

You go through life making decisions, failing and correcting, learning and evolving, in line with what you are set out to solve. Seen through this lens, the world, in many ways, is like a big scavenger hunt.

From this package you need to learn how to trust your capacity to speak your truth, how to listen to and to follow your heart, and make repair attempts and figure out what is wrong and why, and be willing and available to address what is wrong with courage, insight, responsibility, and ownership.